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Why We Created LifeguardMobile

Medical research and supportive technologies have been advancing rapidly in recent years, and yet the state of our current healthcare system has not kept pace. It is significantly hindered by inefficiencies and disconnectedness, significant gaps in monitoring and evaluation, and operates off often incomplete and inaccurate information. Through our experiences both as patients and supporting patients, we have had extensive exposure to these shortfalls in the current healthcare system. The unnecessary suffering we and our loved ones had to endure as a result of the gaps between the hospital and the home was simply unacceptable. We could no longer stand by and wait for the system to change on its own…

We founded Lifeguard Health Networks to revolutionize the present approach to healthcare by creating an innovative healthcare platform to bridge the gaps between the hospital and the home with the end goal of helping patients, their loved ones, and their care providers achieve the greatest possible health outcomes. We developed our platform with the guidance and collaborative efforts of numerous medical and technology experts, and subjected it to the rigorous demands of clinical settings. We have benefited tremendously from employing this platform in our own lives, and we will continue working tirelessly to elevate the solution to ever-greater heights.

Our team at Lifeguard Health Networks is pleased to share the result of our efforts – LifeguardMobile – with you and your entire support network. We encourage you to join us in moving beyond the status quo and invite you to experience the new paradigm of smart healthcare with LifeguardMobile today.

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