Bridging the Gap Between
the Patient, the Caregiver, and the Provider

Lifeguard is a mobile health solution developed to simplify and optimize collaborative care for patients, caregivers, and care providers.

The gap in healthcare delivery is maintaining engagement and clinical support once the patient leaves the hospital setting.  Reasons for lack of patient engagement are many and span economic, cognitive, and psychosocial issues.  However, one consistent factor is the patient’s inability to manage the complexities of day-to-day therapeutic plan.  Patients forget to fill prescriptions or take medications; they fail to measure key vital signs or track symptoms; and most importantly, patients fail to communicate or under report complications when speaking to their medical team.

Solutions for the Entire Care Team


LifeguardMobile allows you to take control of your health while getting the support you need.


LifeguardMobile allows you to remotely support your loved ones and actively manage their care.


LifeguardMobile provides patient-reported measures between visits, enabling better informed clinical decisions.

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