Features to Make Healthcare Smarter

LifeguardMobile™ offers a wide selection of features to inform medical decisions and help users achieve better health outcomes.

Monitoring Templates

Condition based templates enable healthcare teams to monitor patient health status for any disease and/or comorbidity.  The Lifeguard solution supports an enterprise versioning publish/subscribe model.


Custom Care Plan

Simplify complex treatment plans by creating a customized care plan to help organize and manage diagnoses, medications, and the tracking of symptoms, vitals, and lifestyle elements.


Alerts and Reminders

Add fully customizable reminders to your care plan to help you stay on track with your treatment plan, and add alerts so friends and family know when you may need support.


Schedule Assistance

Coordinate medical appointments including doctor visits, treatment sessions, pharmacy pick-ups, and custom events. LifeguardMobile is fully integrated with iCal and Google Calendar.


Record Your History

Every medication, symptom, vital sign and action recorded is automatically organized for you into an editable history by time and date, so you can have the confidence of a fully detailed and accurate health history at your fingetips.


Track Trends

Trends takes all the information you record and automatically transforms it into easy-to-read graphs to help you and your care team accurately evaluate progress and recognize critical patterns and connections over time that could be otherwise overlooked.


Store and Share Records

Import your digital health records securely onto your mobile device for instant and easy access to all of your test results, patient histories, physician directions, and even helpful resources. View your records and even share them electronically on the go.


Health Info

Add all fundamental elements of your health background – from medical conditions and current medications to your blood type and allergies, as well as your emergency contact and insurance information – and always have it on hand for easy access.

“Lifeguard makes managing your healthcare easier, no matter your diagnosis. It helps bridge the gap between the patient, the caregiver, the provider and you, giving you the support you need.”

For Every Step in A Medical Journey

LifeguardMobile allows you to support the most challenging medical conditions.

  • Consistently manage a chronic illness
  • Help dependants of all ages stay healthy
  • Keep your treatments on track
  • Understand your progress over time
  • Communicate clearly with your doctor
  • Worry less about a loved one’s health
  • Better understand your symptoms
  • Never forget to follow doctor’s orders
  • Keep family and friends in the loop
  • Get the medical support you need
  • Never forget to report a symptom
  • Improve your healthcare results

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