You are there for them. Let Lifeguard be there for you

Studies show that patients with a strong support network are more likely to achieve better health outcomes. As a member of the support team, it is often difficult to know how and when to most effectively support a loved one. Additionally, day-to-day life makes best intentions a challenge, and often it can be impossible to be with a patient each time a patient needs support. Additional stresses for the support team include tracking updates to the care regimen, following appointment schedules and organizing health information for easy access. It can be nearly impossible to keep track of it all.

Without support for you, it can be hard to truly be there for them.

We know you always want to be there for your loved ones

We made LifeguardMobile so you can be

We at Lifeguard Health Networks know how difficult it can be to care for friends and family dealing with complex and chronic medical diagnoses. Our experiences as caregivers compelled us to design LifeguardMobile to support caregivers helping patients achieve the best possible outcomes. LifeguardMobile empowers you to actively and effectively assist your loved ones on their medical journeys so you can always be there for them, no matter where you are.

"My grandmother has a number of medical issues, and fortunately has a live-in caretaker who is using LifeguardMobile to help track and manage her care. Lifeguard has been a huge relief for myself and my entire family because we can track our grandmother's daily medical developments and are sent alerts when she could use some extra support."

Cara, Los Angeles CA

Benefits for Caregivers

Keeping you informed of every development in their medical journey

  • Co-manage a loved one’s care
  • Support dependents of all ages
  • Track symptoms & side effects
  • Communicate with medical team
  • Participate in healthcare decisions
  • Provide a virtual “safety net”

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