Bring Healthcare Home!

LifeguardMobile™ is a digital health application designed to help everyone involved in a medical journey achieve better outcomes. Whether you are a patient, a loved one supporting a patient, or a healthcare provider: LifeguardMobile makes it easy to organize and access important medical information, make more informed decisions, manage key tasks, and seamlessly coordinate with the entire care team.

The right information to the right people at the right time.
LifeguardMobile provides critical health information to everyone involved in a medical journey.

  • Patients: Reminders and Support
  • Caregivers: Notifications and Reports
  • Providers: Critical Trends and Alerts

Experience the confidence of knowing that every care team member has the information they need to make better informed medical decisions.

LifeguardMobile was designed to help you…

Simplify and organize your day-to-day care

Never forget to take medication or miss a doctor’s appointment again. LifeguardMobile acts as a personal healthcare assistant to manage every step in your care regimen. With the app, you or your doctor can set up alerts to remind you to follow treatments and measure vitals like blood pressure or glucose levels, along with activities like diet, exercise, and sleep. Learn More

Collaborate with family and friends for real-time support

Managing your own healthcare can be overwhelming. With LifeguardMobile, you don’t have to do it alone. The app allows you to securely invite your loved ones to join your Circle of Care, giving them access to your healthcare information. Family and friends can help you manage everything from daily medications to changes in symptoms, getting instant mobile updates on your health. Learn More

Identify patterns and share medical trends

Your doctor can’t always check in with you, but LifeguardMobile can. The app can immediately alert your doctor when your symptoms change or your care has gotten off track. By sharing real-time health data, LifeguardMobile helps doctors identify patterns in your condition over time, allowing them to recommend the best possible care for your diagnosis.  Learn More

Solutions for the Entire Care Team

Lifeguard is a mobile health solution developed by patients, for patients and their loved ones to simplify and optimize collaborative care


LifeguardMobile allows you to take control of your health while connecting you the support you need.


LifeguardMobile allows you to remotely support your loved ones and actively manage their care.


LifeguardMobile provides patient-reported measures between visits, enabling better informed clinical decisions.

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