Improving patient safety and quality of care through an integrated care network

Lifeguard Provider Solutions

Lifeguard Health Networks has developed purpose-built solutions for the healthcare provider engaged in population health management and outpatient care coordination.  The Lifeguard platform allows for a digital channel to the patient, driving:  the activation and empowerment of the patient; the mobilization of support of close friends and family (i.e. the ‘circle of care’); and the provision of secure, high quality remote clinical support through a structured, best practice care plan.

The Lifeguard provider solutions include a web-based Provider Portal and Dashboard as well as “LifeguardHCP”, our mobile client for the clinical workforce that supports patients outside of the hospital setting (e.g. home health aids, etc.) Both solutions leverage evidence-based care plans and best practices as well as a rules-based, incident management framework for patient triage, support and intervention.

LifeguardHCP gives healthcare providers the power to scale their resources and best practices to ensure quality of care across all at-risk populations. LifeguardHCP allows practitioners in the hospital and the field to remotely monitor and customize care plans for patients, resulting in improvements to patient engagement, safety and quality of care outside the hospital setting.

Using LifeguardHCP, practitioners can track patient compliance and program adherence as well monitor health trends such as vitals measures, symptom assessments, and lifestyle changes.

“Lifeguard Health Network, with it’s proven, secure, networking architecture, … and extensive experience in the processes of health care, clinical medicine, social networking, and user-centred design creates the kind of unique interprofessional partnership required to solve these types of complex issues for our current health care systems.”

Howard Abrams MD FRCPC
Director, OpenLab
University Health Network

Benefits for Healthcare Providers

LifeguardHCP allows you to create evidence-based care plans for your patients and track clinically relevant trends to improve engagement, safety and overall quality of care.

  • Improve program adherence
  • Improve patient health outcomes
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Lessen disease complications
  • Reduce patient anxiety
  • Dramatically lower cost model of care

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